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I detest the new font, font size, and line spacing in Thunderbird.

Making moves

I would like to be able to use the font, font size, and line spacing in Thunderbird inbox list that I had before this last change. I am 81 years old and have been online since Arpanet and dialup modems. I never had an issue with a font used on an application before this. The font is not a reader friendly style, it is too small too, and if I enlarge it with the keyboard the line spacing is too close. Why do software people always try to fix something that is not broken?  If you would at least give me the option of using the original font as a choice, that would work.



Making moves

Users shouldn't have to mess with code to coverup a totally botched up change. I am 81 years old and was happy as a clam with the previous version. There were a few things I would have like to have seen added or changed, but I was satisfied the way it was. Return users to the previous version. Do a "restore" to the old software.

Making moves

I agree with Montani.  This new version needs so much manipulation that it's taking me longer to just get through my email.  I dont like the bold messages that have to be double clicked & opened to unbold - or they stay bold in my folders.  I also find the font size & display less comfortable to work with.  I keep thinking there is some simple button to change it.  sigh   Thanks for listening. 

Making moves

I'll third that. I'm mostly using Android email since Supernova. This new inbox font is very uncomfortable - particularly the bold. I prefer dark mode and the bold white font is glaring 😕

Font selectors have been commonplace in productivity apps since there was such a thing as productivity apps. I don't understand this lack of personalization at this stage of the game.