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Good-Bye mozilla

Making moves

Hello, there. I've been your fan for I guess more then 25 years, since netscape navigator. But, after your follow the overall hysteria and rusofobia, I see no reason to continue. I believe that a number of companies which support that will just be closed as they left pretty big market just because of propaganda. Don't go to politics if you have no idea what's actually going on there and you just follow propaganda. I wish you to be the one of that companies that will close their business.


Making moves

I think the same, even if I'm not a Russian.
But I don't want to be the victim of a political game one day. I can only say that Mozilla disappointed me.

Mozilla doesn't deserve to be trusted by Internet users around the world.

Familiar face

Lately mozilla has taken a lot of unpopular and even some unethical choices, just to conform with the flow. That's what I call lazy marketing. Or stupid marketing. I do have a sense, even a talent for marketing, and all I see mozilla doing for FF is to drop their USP and trying to immitate Chrome in desperate hopes that they'll catch breadcrubs falling off Google's table. That's pathetic! I will NOT bring myself to such a humiliation.
At the end of the week I'll be looking for a new browser to replace FF. That's final; FF has fallen too deep.

Making moves

I agree with you and will no longer use Firefox. Since the update to 98.0.1, in which only Yandex and have been removed, it is clear to me that there is no more room for freedom here.

I've been a loyal fan since Netscape Navigator. It's time to change. Sorry.

Making moves

I second this. Unfortunately they're a puppet and don't deserve to be trusted and used anymore. Good luck fixing the public opinion, Mozilla.

Making moves

What a sad thread

Making moves

Well, it looks like you are the one following propaganda.
We can't condemn a country that doesn't give a f*** about anything so the repercusion will always fall on their citizens until they actually decide to speak up in their country.

You didn’t even f*** understand what I was talking about. The idea of Mozilla company was that it’s out of any propaganda, out of politics. At least how I considered it. And now, it’s not. In my post, as you probably could see, I’m not showing my position or point of view on anything. I’m just saying that Mozilla became politically dependent company. That’s the problem.

Mozilla never was out of politics, they are a foundation actively fighting for online privacy and freedom, that's deeply tied in politic and they have direct communication with governments about that pushing their manifesto.
Everything you fight for is political, and a foundation is always fighting for something.

In any case, this doesn’t really matter anymore. I don’t use Mozilla anymore. And latest statistics shows that that Mozilla’s decision was wrong. And so guess the company is gonna die anyway.