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folder icons in thundebird 115

Making moves

I am using the ESR channel and has recently upgraded to TB 115. My TB usage is limited to RSS/ATOM feeds. In the previous version, the folder icon is very clear: (1) the icon of the base website would be shown if the feed is working properly; (2) error icon if the feed is not working; (3) dimmed icon if the feed is disabled for updates. It was easy to tell with a glance why a feed is not getting new messages.

After updated to TB 115, folder icons are so confusing. It is OK if TB no longer loads the website icon for performance or whatever reasons. However, I am confused why some working folders are shown with a "bright clock" and some working folders are shown with a "dimmed globe". More problematic is that with the "dimmed globe", I can no longer distinguish folders with working feeds and disabled feeds. It is driving me a little crazy checking the dimmed folders one by one to see if the feeds are still working or not.