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Thunderbird wasted space (v115.4.1)

Making moves

This new UI drives me nuts. Screen space is precious. All of this stuff should be "movable" to a place the User chooses; the mail bar can't be changed, and Button style: [Icons only] only sort-of works-ish!


Now instead of having a nice, clean interface that makes my work faster, I've got one that slows me down and takes more room! OK, maybe I'm ranting here… a bit.

Can we please:

  1. Make all of the Button styles obey the User selection;
  2. Allow the User to customize Mail header bar that only shows (in this pic) Junk, xx messages, and the Filter icon with text;
  3. Allow the User to move the Menu bar where it works best for that User;
  4. Allow the User to customize the the Message List Header and not just hide/see it;
  5. anything that allows the User to maximize space on their screen as they need it and see fit; and
  6. Allow the User to turn on/off all of the Message Counts, not just the "Total"?

BTW, the Folder pane header doesn't obey the User setting to only show the icon either. If this stuff can all already be done, please instruct me. I spent over an hour just getting it where it is, including an inordinate amount of time trying to unhide what I hid while checking out what Hide xxx would do, then having to comb the help stuff online to fix my mistake.


Making moves

Agreed, the wasted space and non user friendly is frustrating and time consuming.

Hope it's being worked on.

Thank you,




Tidy up menu bars, tools, addresses, ....
userChrome.css can be useful to you

If you don't want to see QuickFilter anymore userChrome.css can be useful to you

You can add the code

#threadPaneQuickFilterButton {
  position: fixed;
  right: 2000px;


Other information to read


Take a look the box Folder panel header

Other information