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Firefox Updates

Making moves

Here is my own unsubstantiated opinion of Firefox updates. For a start, as far as I believe, no other program requires constant updates like Firefox ! When there is a new update to Firefox and I dismiss it the many times a day it interrupts my screen, day after day after day, the browsers performance deteriorates greatly to the stage I have look at other browsers. This deterioration, I believe, is caused by Mozilla, why, to force us to update. Why would they want us to update so often, is it because every time they update they collect our data and on-sell it to help pay for their free software.

Your thoughts ?


Familiar face

I check updates manually, I set it so I never get asked if update, for me this isn't a problem, just select Check the availability of updates but allow the user to choose if install them on Settings and you should be never asked. About performance, this is common, can be an old pc, can be too many softwaresor processes running, can be a virus, can be anything, on my case I could fix the slowdown and screen freezes by updating the video card driver, then maybe the screen refresh rate increased (in addition to the screen resolution) and had no more slowdowns and screen freezes. Then ensure you didn't installed Beta or Nightly versions that are quite sperimental and unstable, just for users that want to test and report issues and vote unreleased functions and features. If what you believe were true, it would be illegal and put Mozilla out of business, literally, so I wouldn't think so, it's simply that each new update moves you away from stability and compatibility, slowing down your Firefox, while Firefox improve your pc doesn't meet recommended specs to run Firefox itself smoothly.

Making moves

I think you're right. I have 3 PC's I have updated 2 with 104.1; for why I have no idea other than that was the latest and the other 2 PC's had no problem. But when I updated this one the first thing I saw was that my WEBSHIELD wasn't included with the update; the other 2 PC's there was no problem with that icon added to my tool bar/url bar. It took me over an hour to get that crap fixed. I'm really considering just using EDGE or CHROME and just uninstalling FireFox, every update something on one or the other PC gets F'ed up.

Not applicable

Not likely, get Chrome I reckon.


Making moves

My last attempt to adjust updates and started with About:config and I used the search preference list

I was looking for a specific item: app.update silent... when it wasn't shown I typed the word silent into the preference as an addition and selected the + sign on the right end of the item. It was then displayed as true, but when I went back to see if it worked - it did not work. What did I do wrong? Please tell me how this is supposed to work. Give me clear instructions for Windows 10. Only the instructions, please. No suggestions for buying another app or piece of hardware.

Making moves

Hi everybody, I'd just like to say I'm done with Firefox and Mozilla. I have been using Chrome for a while now and have not had any issues, it doesn't seem to have the Bookmark Toolbar up the top and I can't get it to automatically go to new tabs but all that is bearable. 🙂

yeah, i share your frustrations with FF.
i've had a handful of issues with different web sites that misbehave.
for instance, i have just this week reported that loads and then, FF goes unresponsive.
it just happened. FF locks up for up to 30 seconds and then, all is ok.
i have Chrome installed and ready.

to automatically go to the new tab, use Ctrl-Shift when you click on a link.