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Firefox update on Acer es1-131 netbook

Making moves

I update Firefox on acer es1-131 (windows 10 22h2) by downloading the setup and over installing. Why? Because when I update from Help > About Firefox, the update does not stick. After I click restart firefox, it wont restart itself. When I reopen it manually, Help > About will just say Applying update but on subsequent restarts, the update isnt installed. Acer es1-131 is x64 but only has 2 GB ram hence only firefox x86 is installed. Maybe this causes the update failure? But no issue when installing the latest setup over existing install.


Another issue is when I run the setup and I choose No to windows prompt to allow it to make changes to Windows, the setup still runs. After it runs, I lose my history, bookmarks and addons! The crash reports in about:crashes are still intact though. No issue when I choose Yes to the prompt of Windows.