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Firefox Proton UI "bleeding" issue

Making moves

Since the days of Proton, I am not happy with it, especially when I'm also experiencing a very annoying graphical issue when I have Firefox open and then decide to switch to the Start Menu or if I minimise a desktop window.

Just so you know, I use Windows 7 and that I'm actually using a portable version of Firefox 115 ESR for testing purposes (as I still use Firefox 78 ESR, as I flat-out refuse to upgrade it for the reasons stated above).

Here are some screenshots showing of what I mean 👇

You can see that I'm using Windows Basic and not Aero (as I never liked it) although I did temporarily switched to Aero and saw that the issues were away. I should also note that the problem happens with Windows Classic. However, it doesn't occur with all websites. Just the homepage (even blank), Google and such.

Although I am two years late to report this, I really hope this gets fixed even for those that happen to use Windows Basic like myself. Don't want to ditch a browser that I've been using for over 17 years if I can help it, or be stuck with an older version forever...