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"Khoros production" not communicated on the website, but referred to in E-Mail

Making moves

In the login process to this website, the use of "Khoros production" is not communicated. When you want to sign up however, you get an E-Mail "Sign in to Khoros production". Given that I never signed up or even heard of a thing called "Khoros production", that E-Mail totally looked like a scam, and I wondered whether I got redirected to some weird phishing site when I wanted to log in here.

I had to check this again and then look up "Khorus production" in order to develop the theory that maybe is run by this software.

So please either change the E-Mail text or disclose that this website is run by Khorus production in the login process.



Making moves

I wondered the same thing -- what's this scam they're running? Khoros Prod? WTF is that??

Making moves

Choosing Login to Mozilla did not get the Khoros Prod email  and did get logged in.