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Firefox does not function properly with my Mac

Making moves

I have Firefox 116 on my Mini mac OS 15.10.7. I have to restart at least 5 times in Troubleshoot mode before it will link with sites such as Facebook. I suspect that it is because 116 does not work with my older Mac. Is there a way to get an older version of Firefox.
Appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks



By any chance, do you use the Adblocker Ultimate add-on? There is some strange incompatibility with Firefox 116 that is affecting popular websites.

One of the reviews on the Add-ons site said: "Many sites stopped working after the 4 Aug update, but I managed to get them working again after going into the extension settings, Filters tab, and turning off the Security filter. The Ad filter continues to work fine."

You might want to try that temporarily until the conflict is resolved.