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Making moves

I think there is a bug in FF 116.0! When I activate the bookmarks toolbar, there is only a bar with the description: Import bookmarks!

This is crap! I previously had a bookmarks toolbar under the menu bar and thought I could move it to a sidebar after the description on. When I tried that, my bookmarks toolbar was gone and instead I had a bar with the description "Import bookmarks". - But I don't want that!

What can I do to get my old bookmarks toolbar back?



If you check in the Bookmarks Sidebar (Ctrl+B or, on Mac, Command+B), and expand the Bookmarks Toolbar category, are your bookmarks still there?

If so, great! We just need to get them back on the actual toolbar. Please check my reply in this support thread:

If not, sorry to hear that, do you notice them under either of the other categories (Bookmarks Menu, Other Bookmarks)?