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Firefox Bookmark sare not the easiest to use.

Making moves

I hate to say it, but Edge has it over Firefox when it comes to bookmarks: Editing, deleting right in the Bookmarks pull-down - and not just new bookmarks and folders. And the spacing doesn't show as I type it. I use spacing - and various markings - in folder names to ease finding main folders in my long list.

The one thing that's really good in Firefox bookmarks is the Tags feature, but you need to work harder in every other aspect to be able to use that feature.

Firefox, your bookmarks are so clunky, and for all the annoying updates, I never see any improvements.


     "Hint: @ links to members, content"
     Great idea - but where and how?
This forum system is a a bigger pain to use than the bookmarks.
I'll never find my way back here, so why do I bother with this?