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problem with writing-mode: vertical-rl;

Making moves

Problem table cell has style='writing-mode: vertical-rl; white-space:pre;height:6em;overflow:visible;' however, the height is being ignored. I am using the overflow and white space to allow the text to be continued into the next cell. Edge dose this right. I've tried colspan='2' and it gets worse. Instead of the text being left aligned on the top of the two rows it is aligned on the bottom of the two rows (as if I put the code on the second of the two rows) leaving the top cell Blank. to give you an idea of what I am trying to do imagine a square piece of paper that I want to read the same after I turn it 90 degrees. Starting from the second square from the left I want to put in several lines of text that I allow to overflow into the next cell. The writing-mode: vertical-rl makes the right side good. For the left side, one can add rotate:180deg;. For the bottom I just need rotate:180deg; The problem can be restated as I can't get the overflow to work on the left and right sides. There are problems with other attempts to do this. Like just doing rotate will occasionally cause an additional blank line to be added to the bottom when (when normally a line would be split inside the the cell but because of how I am doing it isn't, but it appears to add another line anyway.)