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feedback: an option to have an autogenerated bookmark folder of your most used bookmarks.

Making moves

would be nice as someone who has a lot of bookmarks. I could manually make it but have an automatically updating thing with like 5 of my most clicked on bookmarks would be nice.



Hi, there is a slightly complicated way to do this, which involves the under-documented feature of a "places query". Here's how you can experiment:

(1) Right-click the current page tab and click Bookmark Tab. Firefox should pop up a many-field dialog.

(2) In the Name field, clear out the page title and type or paste something like "Most Visited Bookmarks"

(3) In the URL field, clear out the URL and type or paste this instead:


That means: search in bookmarks, sort in descending order by visit count, only show the first 10.

(4) Change the Location to the desired save folder, if needed, and then click Save

In the example attached below, after saving, I moved the new bookmark to the beginning of the bar. Would be nice if this were easier but at least it's possible.



If you want to experiment further, this article describes the various parameters you can use in a places query: I can't say for sure that it's up-to-date. If you find a more recent one, let me know.