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The links in Thunderbird E-mails do not work.

After finding help info it will tell you to check the in Internet Explorer setting but in windows 11 Microsoft Edge is the standard browser.

Can somebody  explain the settings for the Microsoft Edge to use the links in the E-mail in Thunderbird.

rgds Willem.


Making moves

I stopped two days ago being able to send or send email from my Thunderbird client with services (uw-madison, IEEE) that use  I've tried both IMAP and POP settings.   I think I saw a message that said it's due to bugs with the latest Thunderbird release.  Do know where we can I find more about this?  How can we revert to earlier releases. 


@wjke wrote:


The links in Thunderbird E-mails do not work.

What happens when you click a link?

What Internet Explorer settings were you looking for?

For faster replies, consider posting this problem on the Mozilla Support site. They have a team of support volunteers to troubleshoot malfunctions with your currently installed version of Thunderbird, while this site is focused on idea submissions for future versions of Mozilla products (looking ahead anywhere from 8 weeks to many months). Here's a link to the new question form:

Hey man so I think you are trying to help & the effort is not underappreciated but I've looked at what Mozz. Solutions offered & what I can only describe as a confusing nightmare, it is almost for Homer Simpsons like me another language. I think I was pretty clear that the links in any email I get don't open and I get this yellow bar at the bottom of the screen telling me BS why the link won't open.  All I'm saying is and as far as I can tell every single email program had the ability to click a link in a email from a friend and go to that site and so did TB did for so many years now since M$ killed Out Ex. and for some god awful reason these people in their wisdon decided not to enable that function that was perfectly fine in 102, dude really WTF??????  This program is unusable, it was updated and improved into irrelevancy. I trusted these engineers unlike MS and so I updated with the full faith that you guys knew what you were doing, what I should have done to my eternal regret is to shut off auto ups and ignored it like I have to do with other programs.  What I found interesting was on a solution page they said to DL either Firefox or Microsoft browers, Hmmmmm, I use Chrome with DuckGo and it worked just fine but now something smells fishy, IDK could be wrong.  And Oh Boy! future versions really? Can't wait for those now so I'm guessing what will happen is maybe through some miracle the link problem gets fixed and then a new version comes out and the improved version breaks another thing.  These people have broken my trust that will never come back, when the Roman Emperor Claudius ask his childhood friend Herod after the Patorian guard made him the head of the Empire he asked him for some advice on how to rule, and Herod told him "trust no one."  Maybe it'll get fixed I'm not optimistic but if it does I will settle for that version and never update again, I only need to feel the hot stove burn once to know not to do that again.  So thanks for the suggestion I will try one more time, take it easy............M

Hallo Captain,

When i click on the link nothing happens.

But every time you send me to the links about connecting Thunderbird mail to internet explorer but Microsoft itself disconnected internet explorer in the computers because it started to use Microsoft edge so it is not possible to connect to internet explorer as a standard browser only to Microsoft edge.

So i think you have to change your help link for connecting fo the microsoft edge browser and that is different then internet explorer.

rgds Willem


Hi Willem, I wonder when I became a Captain? But setting that aside, the Thunderbird support experts are on Mozilla Support, not here on Mozilla Connect. This links goes straight to the new question form, bypassing the articles section:

I guess you'll need to copy/paste it, but...

Making moves

Firefox has way too many updates. Almost every time I open Firefox there is an update. Out of all of the browsers I use (which also include Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Vivaldi), Firefox seems to update the most by far. I've now enabled the setting to let me choose when to install updates. Hopefully this will improve the situation somewhat.

Hi hawke, you can check the Release Notes page in case you are curious whether an update is an urgent security patch or fixes a bug that doesn't affect you.