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what happened to blue color text on newly downloaded mail in 115.3.1 (32 bit) release

Making moves

On Oct 1, TB updated and now the blue color text on folders with newly downloaded mail does not display. I have clicked on the <> and none of the views display any mail folders in blue. With over 1000 email folders, I rely heavily on the blue text to direct me to where new mail has been filtered and downloaded.

I don't care how many email are in a folder tho that number or read and unread email displayed in the lower right corner of the screen when I clicked on a mail folder which was helpful. Now the bubbles with the number of email ( I assume unread but who knows) are distracting and NOT HELPFUL at all.

I am a long time user of TB and previously to Eudora dating back to 1995. I find the latest TB update to be the most unhelpful and distracting release yet. BTW, I was not given the option of updating TB or not. I want to go back to the previous version that worked, wasn't broken and didn't need to be fixed.



Making moves

Issue resolved itself.

Ok the blue color text o folders with newly downloaded mail now does display.  Perhaps it just took a while for the add-on to upgrade?\

I still think the new UI is ugly and didn't need to be fixed from previious version.