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Downgrading to a Previous (esr) Version

Making moves

I just upgraded to the newest ESR version but am not happy with the results and at least want to do some tests using the old version. According to This page, which says: "If you still want to downgrade, you can visit Mozilla's directory of older Firefox versions using the links below.", the link being this:

When I go to that link, I see a list including this:


and clicking on the lower esr entry (the version I had earlier today)



opens up another list:


but nothing I see there appears to be a link that can be run to reinstall the old version. Can someone please enlighten me about what I'm missing or how to otherwise go about the process? My System Restore doesn't have the old version, so won't help here.



Making moves

I see I somehow listed the newest version in my account above, the old one actually being something like 102.3.0esr/ (that is at least close).  I still get the same results from clicking it; right clicking does not give me an option to Run it.

My question still remains; how do I install an older esr version such as the one cited above? [102.3.0esr/]?