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Copy and paste on Firefox Android

Making moves

Unless I am mistaken, copying and pasting text when using Firefox on Android only allows the user to copy one single, solitary word or symbol. Unlike other browsers, it is impossible to select a point or word in a body of text and then slide along the text to select a section of the text. It is only possible to point to a single word or symbol and that's it. Sliding one's finger further does nothing. 
E.g. if the user wants to select from a body of text "world cup semi-final", on all other Android browsers, the user touches "world" and then moves their finger until the whole of "world cup semi-final" is selected. However on Firefox, the user can only select "world" and that's it. Any attempt to slide their finger further in order to select the whole text does nothing. 
This is clearly a massive limitation on the copy and paste function, rendering it basically useless. 
Could the developers of Firefox please bring the copy and paste function remove this disabling limitation?