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Can the Firefox Browser Interface Design be reverted to version 88?

Making moves

Hello everyone. The thing is, I'm using an older version of the browser, numbered 86.0.1. I really like the old browser interface, so I haven't updated it for 3 years, but some sites stop working.

So, I wanted to ask, is it possible to use the latest version of the browser with the old design? I find the new design extremely unacceptable, so I wish to do everything to stick with the old design.

Thank you for understanding.


Making moves

Mozilla never revert their UI changes, no matter how unhelpful they are and no matter how many users such changes alienate.

There is this project which can be used to change the Firefox UI but use with care. If you don't know what you are doing then ask someone who does.

If the page below does not make any sense to you then do not fiddle with your copy of Firefox.

Edit: note that changes to Firefox can break custom CSS files.

I use the standard files unmodified which add coloured toolbar buttons and other simple changes. I find the colours helpful as my eyes are not as good as they used to be.

So far I have not had problems with using these Custom CSS files and I have been using them on all my devices for a couple of years.