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Change error message when backing up operating system certificates to PKCS12

Making moves

Firefox currently cannot export certificates to the PKCS12 format if they are managed by the operating system. It instead gives you an error that says

Failed to create the PKCS #12 backup file for unknown reasons 

The bug report describing this issue can be found in this thread. 

I think this error message is quite confusing, since it seems like we know that these errors are caused by the fact that these certificates are managed by the operating system. Could we change the message to something more informative?

Alternatively, is there away we can make it possible to export certificates managed by the operating system within Firefox? I was able to export the exact same certificate using Chrome, I think it would be really good if Firefox had this functionality.

Let me know if either of these issues are solvable, or if I should create a bug report for this problem ( I choose to post here since this was more of a feature request than a bug, but I can post on bugzilla if that would be better as well).