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censorship (yandex)

Making moves

You exist because we are against censorship.
Right now you don't know what to do for the pro-Americanism.
This is not the mozilla I support!  😞

People can choose what they want.


Familiar face

I agree.

What i wrote in another post:I'm not even russian, but this political decision of your organization to remove them is not right. ... I'm out of words...

For those brainwashed (let your employee who made that choice read this truth):

"They" (their own gov with their army) has been shelling donbass for nearly 8 years now (because the new implanted puppet gov is 3leter usa controlled, they support the killing of the local ukrainians who happen to speak russian. If you stand for freedom, defend DPR and the other People's Rep. Because that's what it's about, nwo wants to take over - they don't want more seperate independant countries, instead they want to put every country together under their rule


Making moves

Thanks Firefox, but I can decide for myself what is disinformation and what isn't. And also, if the devs at Mozilla are not aware, not all users use Yandex to search for news. I personally don't use it, but I know people who do.

Please focus on making a better browser.

Making moves

Shouldn't Mozilla as defender of the free web let her users decide which lies they want to believe/read/search for? I find it highly concerning that our western (I live in Germany) societies moving with great strides towards censorship and oppression of any different opinion. If I would have an alternative that is neither Google, Apple nor any other big player this would be the last coffin nail on Firefox for me... embarrassing.