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Private Windows on Firefox

Hi all !I’m Romain Testard, product manager on Firefox desktop. I’m super interested in opinions and ideas regarding Private Windows. We think that Private Windows are not simple enough to access and would love your feedback regarding what matters to...

rtestard by Employee
  • 21 replies
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Special Firefox 100 celebratory thread: Why do you choose Firefox?

Happy Firefox 100 Release Day!  (Read the full Release Notes here) (SPOILER ALERT: there’s a Mozilla Connect mention ) 17 years. 100 versions. What a ride. A special thanks to everyone who has helped, supported, and collaborated with us along the way...

Jon by Community Manager
  • 68 replies
  • 19 kudos

Resolved! Auto Hiding Scrollbars

Shouldn't auto hiding scrollbars be left to the web page developer? When you decide a browser will auto hide scrollbars you are forgetting that Tommy Two Tooth may not know how to activate the hidden bar and think people have abruptly ending content ...

Rich by Making moves
  • 4 replies
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Firefox requesting updates constantly

Over the last month or two, Firefox constantly wants to update for some reason. I don't see updates churning out daily, is there any reason for every day or two for Firefox requesting updates constantly. Do we have to login for some reason?

dJ9876 by Making moves
  • 12 replies
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picture-in-picture mode Mac OS send to back

I recently updated my firefox browser, and ever since then, when I use picture-in-picture mode to play music on the side, it goes in-front of my others tabs. before, it would just go behind all of them. I tried messing around with settings nothing th...

dstea423 by Making moves
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Has Mozilla gone mad? Facebook Partnership!!??

I dont care what you are going to say to make it sound okay, it is NOT OKAY AT ALL.Mozilla Firefox supposed to be a Privacy Browser is not making business with Meta -> Facebook, lately i really question the mental health of Mozilla, first a unique id...

Latest firefox update

I finally gave in and updated firefox to 99.0.1 and what a mistake. Everything is so slow to load it's ridiculous. Thanks Mozilla it's been a great ride but pretty sure I am finally done.

rustypic by Making moves
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! BBC iPlayer Picture in Picture mode

I use PIP mode quite often, it's a great feature.  A few days ago I noticed that the BBC have updated the iplayer and now the PIP button has vanished.  It still works fine on all other online video I have tested (netflix, youtube etc).  Is it just me...

fester by Making moves
  • 15 replies
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