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Just some suggestions and this is gonna sound kinda negative but I'm an honest kinda guy.

Making moves

OK, I'm this close to removing firefox from my comp.

The reason is, I pretty much only use yandex for my searches since they are the least censored politically (I hate politics but I'm not gonna listen to mainstream "news").

Firefox constantly required me to prove I wasn't a bot on yandex, I don't know which side is responsible but I got real sick of it... then I finally installed the yandex browser and it is lightning fast and nowhere near as bloated... only thing is there are not many Yandex add-ons right now, but I'm sure they will get there.

Concurrently firefox slowed to a crawl compared to the old days, and very few add-ons were working, part of the problem was I do not update it, but when I broke down and updated today it STILL GIVES 2 VERSIONS OF FIREFOX ON MY COMP - LAME - and it was a real pain finding my profiles stuff and copying over...this is one reason why I NEVER update stuff on a stable comp.

Just a heads-up... still... anything is better than IE (is it finally dead, I hope) and chrome which I will never use again after using it for one day gave me about 6 viruses ... back when I tried it about 4 yrs ago.