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Why does Mozilla participate in censorship in America?

Making moves

It is blatantly obvious that Firefox is specifically programmed to suppress one of the best sources for good news and political information, namely  I'm sure there are many other examples, as this type of behavior is usually systematic.  This site is constantly removed from my suggested favorites, though I navigate there almost every session. I don't know if Mozilla is doing this through outside pressure or personal preference, but they should be severely dissuaded from this behavior.  Censorship of facts, news, political and medical discussions, or even personal opinions should never be tolerated in any free society. In an environment where truthful, unbiased news is difficult to find, we must not allow organizations like Mozilla, Facebook, Google, etc to make it even harder.  We cannot guard our liberty and be united without proper information.  The tyranny that seeks to hide the truth must be stopped.  So which is it, Mozilla?  Are you actively tyrannical, caving to pressure, or just duped by propaganda? It's one or the other.



Hi, what list do you mean by "suggested favorites"?

If the problem is with the Shortcuts below the search box on the built-in Firefox Home / new tab page -- which also appear in the address bar drop-down when you first click in the bar, before you type anything for Firefox to match off of -- you should pin the ones you want to stay at the top of the list. Otherwise, changes to your history (visiting other sites, clearing browsing history) will constantly reshuffle the order. More info on how to pin shortcuts in this article: