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BUG new email that arrive are downloaded but not displayed in inbox

Making moves

since about end april 2024 thunderbird hides new incoming mails.

I use Mailwasher Pro to see and delete unwanted mails first. Therefore I see that there are some mails

and open Thunderbird. The new mails are left in the online mailbox by Mailwasher.

After that I do not see the new mails in inbox.
I use sorting and the mails are still missing.

I search in the mailbox for the known new title and for short time it displays the header of the mail that I am missing. And then the box is empty.

Only when starting a search in all mail boxes I can find the mail again (it is surely where I have assumed to be). And this way somehow I can also open the text.

It must be a new bug that the new mails are hidden.

Some time before that never happened. I have not changed mail boxes or settings.



Making moves

I have found the bug reason:

There is a button with quick filter.   If the quick filter edit field is displayed but the edit field is empty the list shows no  results!!!!

It should filter only when there is anything entered else the list remains empty and it is not clear why.

That was also the behaviour before some recent update.