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Problems with opening my http web pages

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Hello. I got very recently problems with my web pages. My URL is http (not secured) hosted by Free.

- First, Firefox always asks for downloading my htm pages whatever the state of the checkbox. This does not appear with other http sites, only my pages. I have cleared history, cache, dns but not change. Firefox is the default app to open html/htm documents. I have tried with different browers, same behaviour. Even on my Samsung mobile, th Samsung browser does not want to open them It downloads them as a document, that's all.

- Second, when Mozilla, after downloading, is asked to open the pages, the URL shown in the relevant bar is not the Internet URL but a funny URL starting with "file:///C:/Users/.../documents etc which looks like to be the path of the downloaded page in my computer. Consequently, pages are not correctly displayed. Images are missing. All the relative links are not working anymore cause Firefox tries to get them from this weird URL as base.

Well I do not understand what suddenly happens with my web pages. If anybody can help ? Thank you. 



This can occur if your server is not sending the expected HTTP Headers with for your pages. Normally if the server specifies:

  • Content-Type: text/html
  • Content-Disposition: inline [or omitted]

Then the page will display normally in a tab.

On free hosting, sometimes your page is embedded in a frame. To get a cleaner test, check for that: right-click the page content and look for "This Frame" on the menu. if you see that, expand the submenu and Open Frame in New Tab. Any improvement in the new tab? Does the page have an unusual extension on its name?

Thanks for answer. Finally, after a lot of testing, I got a solution yesterday late in the evening : Clear the .htaccess ! There was an "unknown" statement in this file that browsers interpreted as a security problem and then blocked the treatement of the pages.