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New Downloads Update

Making moves


I use the downloads bar frequently with gmail. Just yesterday I was able to scroll through the downloads dropdown menu. Now I am limited to 5 items. Additionally, when downloading from gmail, instead of showing a small loading circle in the dropdown location, there is now an obnoxious box that takes up a quarter of the screen. Please go back! This feels backwards!



You can control whether the downloads panel auto-opens when you start a download. Right-click the button and click "Show Panel when Download Begins" to turn it off.

I don't think this panel ever becomes scrollable. Were you using the full Downloads list (Ctrl+J) before? If not, were you using an add-on for a scrollable downloads list?


You taught me how to turn off "show panel" so I thank you. As for scrolling, I always click the download option in the top right. A few months ago the limit was 5. Then it updated to where I could scroll in the same location (for downloads in past 24 hours). Now the limit is back to 5.

I haven't used Ctrl + J. It is useful now. This post is to note that a user lost a fairly new feature they were really happy with due to an update. Thank you!