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Browser History

Making moves

I use a streaming site which saves the items I watch on my browser history. whenever firefox updates, iy deletes my browser history. So I have to rewatch stuff to get get current again.

Can it not do that or at least give me option to delete my history?




Firefox should not erase your history when it updates -- it should move forward like it's just another Tuesday.

When this happens, does Firefox mention that it's performing a Refresh/Reset/Tune-up, or does it require you to create a new profile?

Or are your updates installed by a separate program rather than by Firefox itself?

3 things

I just got a notification that a new update ws available for download so I did the download. Next restart the change was there no notification nothing.

I don't believe a separate program was involved.

Now the browser will freeze while I am browsing and it may un-freeze if I wait. If it does then I can browse but my Taskbar is now unresponsive and I have to restart Windows Explorer from the Task Manager.

If the Firefox does not unfreeze itself then I have to close it and reopen or restart Windows Explorer