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Firefox Translations Ideas

Making moves

1) Ability to press the icon in the address bar again to close the translation bar that appears at the top

2) Ability to enable (and possibly disable) an option in the context menu to translate the entire page

3) Add an option in the title bar or icon and *surely* in the context menu to return to the original page after making the translation

4) Ability to use keyboard shortcuts to translate selected text or to switch from a translated page to the original page

5) Improve the design (it would be enough for the text translation popup to have wider spacing between the different elements, more rounded corners, a MUCH better "swap" button, perhaps of variable size based on the text being translated) and the colors (even those in the translation bar that appears at the top of pages) should match the rest of the firefox interface

6) The only very personal comment: the pop-up bar is really an old mode, the icon on the address bar and the pop-up of the TWP - Translate Web Pages extension looks more modern to me (with the icon changing color when a page is translated or not)


Community Manager
Community Manager

@cr3atura thanks for these suggestions! Since this post has multiple ideas, we're moving it to the Discussions board. If you want to submit them as ideas, be sure to follow the Ideas Guidelines and submit your ideas individually so they each get the proper attention from other community members as well as the internal teams here at Mozilla. Hope this helps!

Making moves

Please let me know how I can prevent the translation popup from showing up in the first place. I think it's very annoying!! I do not want to have to click away this popup every time, so please change it so I can click on the translation icon only when I need a page translated - or show me how can I switch it off completely 

click on the gear icon at the top right of the popup and deselect the option that offers you to always translate