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Change slash key ( / ) opening quick find

Making moves

On many websites pressing the slash key ( / ) jumps to their own respective search boxes, which is a very useful feature. On Firefox, however, it opens the quick find and to my knowledge there is no way to change that.

Turning off accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual in about:config doesn't work, since this also disables the website shortcut's functionality for whatever reason.

Thus, I propose the quick find shortcut key to be moved to another key, freeing up slash ( / ) to be acessible by the website.


Making moves

I posted this in ideas aswell, since it's probably more fitting there.


I don't think the value of accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual affects the ability of pages to intercept and repurpose the / key. As two examples:

(1) Github moves the cursor into its search bar with both settings:

(2) My test page -- if you turn on the Repurpose the / key option -- detects the key with both settings:

Now... we can't count on all sites to detect the key AND block Firefox from implementing its default behavior in their scripts. And that leaves the user in the lurch, so it would be nice to have a solution.

There is a more general request for Firefox to allow users to remap any keyboard shortcut, but maybe this one deserves its own preference?