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Bookmarks on mobile

Making moves

There are 3 improvements that would make my experience better:

  1. The bookmarks could be a separate icon shown directly in the toolbar. That way the user doesn't need to click on 3 dots and then on bookmarks.
    1. If this is not doable (maybe there's not enough space in the toolbar) then the bookmarks option in the 3 dot menu should be moved closer to the bottom of the screen, so that users can easily access it with one hand.
  2. Right now, every time the user enters the bookmarks they start with the bookmarks folder. Then they need to navigate Desktop bookmarks->Bookmarks toolbar (just an example) every time. Entering bookmarks should start you in the previous folder that you were in, that way, in most cases, the user has less to navigate.
  3. The bookmarks window should be resizable, the same way the tabs window is. So when open, it will cover around 70% of the screen, but it can be expanded to 100% if the user swipes it up.

Making moves

Yes, the bookmark thing in #2 is very annoying. Also on iOS. Safari/Chrome/Opera and other browsers can handle bookmarks in this recommended way - why does Firefox not?