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Bookmarks Moved... Again.

Making moves

I really wish that firefox never moved the bookmarks from next to the search bar on mobile. It never moved on desktop and since I'm using 98 something on my iPad it hasn't moved on my iPad either. It was fine were it was and was in the most convenient place you could possibly put it. So I really don't understand why it had to be moved into the menu(which yeah, that's not super inconvenient but it was really unnecessary).

I don't use the home button. Ever. If there was an option to switch the home button with bookmarks that'd be great honestly. Better yet, just revert it back to how it was before the reload button got put right next to the reader mode. I'd honestly rather open my bookmarks by mistake than reload the page and lose my spot.

The new changes to homepage are also seriously annoying, which is why I'm very glad you can turn them off. But I wish that turning "jump back in" and "recently saved" off put the old layout back. I liked having immediate access to my bookmarks any time I opened a new tab, thanks.

I'm glad nothing broke horribly with this update but honestly I would have liked some indication it was going to happen. The update page in the app store never said anything about a new homepage lay out. Which is actually a pretty consistent thing with any updates. It says what bugs are getting fixed but generally nothing about changes.

This is a whole lot of words to say "please stop messing with the menu and homepage when the 98 mobile layout was just fine" but, well; it was. Maybe make some sort of legacy option that lets people use the 98 version instead of the 99 layout. I don't even know if that's possible, but I would for sure use it.


Making moves

I miss the bookmarks bar!  I can add TO it, but cannot SEE it!