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Bookmark error after update to version 110.0

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since yesterday's update, using the bookmark list has become almost impossible. If the list normally remains at the last position called up, it now always jumps back to the starting position. If you want to call up several bookmarks one after the other, you have to search through the list again each time, even if the bookmarks are directly one below the other. Sometimes the Pos1 and End keys in the bookmarks don't work either. Please fix this error quickly, it is currently very time-consuming. Thanks very much.




Confirmed.  Occasionally works, but almost always still fails.  My hopes for 111.0 are dashed.

I've tried it a number of times and it still definitely fails.

The problem is fixed in the 113 Nightly, who knows how long it will take for the regular version to become 113.

It seems to work in 113 Nightly.. Thanks for the tip...

Yes , this bug is terrible and i hope they fix this in this month.

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there have been several posts about this yet, the problem remains uncorrected after several update.  This needs to be fixed.  It's VERY inconvenient that bookmarks default back to the top of the list when being re-accessed. Please make the fix happen!

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Update 111.0.1 released today and this issue is STILL NOT resolved!!!

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And now here is Firefox 111.0.1 (64)! I don't see the point of continuing to make lots of updates when the bookmarks problem is still not solved since version 110. It's like repainting your car while the engine is broken. Ridiculous !

Yep , i think some coder he must have been drunk to spoil this important FF feature 🙂

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At least the issue with cursor focus not shifting to fly-out Bookmarks folders appears to be resolved in 111.0.1. Baby steps.

This is absolutely crazy. I thought I was doing something wrong, then found and read this thread. Unbelievable because this is a huge issue for someone like me with bookmarks built up over years. I can't do wht I need for work. GET IT DONE. I'm gone if this doesn't get fixed and I've always gone with ff.

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Clearly breaking FF was easier than fixing FF.  I just downloaded an advanced copy of v113.0a1 and tested the fix against mutliple tabs and windows.  Thankfully it seems to work.  The downside is that 113.0.a1 is a beta version for developers and anything in the software may not make the final release.  Also, the "nightly version" is, itself, a separate browser from standard FF, so you'd have to export your bookmarks from FF and reimport them into "nightly" 113.0a1.  The same goes for cookies and other saved data.  But, I do a couple things with large menus that cost me time and effort trying to locate my last position, and generally don't care about cookies when I need the function.  The stuff I need cookies for I can use the regular version.  Anyway, thought I'd share - here's the link to a site that you can download 113.0a1 from:



Firefox Nightly (2 versions ahead) and Firefox Developer Edition (1 version ahead) can install side-by-side with the regular release for testing. Beta (1 version ahead) may replace your regular installation, which makes it hard to return to normal. Either way, please use official sources for downloads: