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Annoying issues with Firefox (Android)

Making moves

I've tried Firefox (Android) after some time (current Edge user) and some annoying issues are still there. Not a big things but issues like this stopping me to use Firefox as my default browser on desktop and Android.

Issue 1.
When I want to choose a bookmark I always need to start in Desktop Bookmarks then I need to pick Bookmarks Toolbar and then I can pick bookmark I want. All my bookmarks are in Boomarks Toolbar, neither one in Desktop Bookmarks folder. So it would be very useful if my last bookmarks location can be remembered so next time when I want to choose a bookmark I can start from my last location.

Issue 2.
I am sure that there is more users like my which like to keep thing clean as possible. I don't like to leave any tabs opened when I exit browser. I want all tabs automatically closed. Only in Firefox (Android) I don't have that option. I can choose, daily, monthly or never. So I am forced to close all open tabs manually every time when I exit Firefox.

Issue 3.
After one year when I've used Firefox last time issue with app position window still exist. Firefox is not positioned correctly when I use it vertically maximized. There is always small gap between taskbar and bottom edge of firefox (approx 1.5mm or 2mm). Not a big deal but it is annoying. 
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Familiar face

Let me add one that annoys me a lot.

When i try to maximize videos on rumble, the screen orientation rotates and the image disappears while playing audio in background and i am thrown to the phone desktop page, it's like firefox minimizes, this is the best way to explain it. Then i have to open firefox again, go to the tab and maximize again for this time having the fullscreen as it was suposed to.

As far as your issue #2: i am not sure if it is available on non-beta versions, but on this beta i have v122, i do have that option. take a look at the screenshot attached.