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[loklok website] Subtitles for Pic-in-pic mode being left out

Making moves

Hi, I just discovered that firefox can do a pic-in-pic mode during movie time. It was great. But, unfortunately the subtitles were left out from the mode in still in the website. I am talking about the loklok website, to watch movies and dramas. Here is the link to the website,




Picture-in-Picture only supports subtitles on specific websites for subtitles (you can find the full list here).

We add new websites based on how popular they are and how many requests we receive (and occasionally, contributors work on subtitles for more niche websites they are interested in).

If you follow the steps described in this Bugzilla ticket and create a enhancement for subtitles on Loklok, this will help us prioritize it. Thank you!

If I'm not wrong, we can do this in LokLok as well. But, it would be best if you have the membership of the Loklok Apk to access some premium features. But, there is no fee for the membership even to.