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Bad update to 119.0

Making moves

I just updated to 119.0.  It "disabled" several features of my theme add-ons.


Now the background color is all white. Not the theme color.


Also, all the "links" are now underlined again.  I purposely  made the setting to NOT underline links, and here it is back again.  I can't change it back to NOT underlined.


I can get a different theme to work, but I do NOT want the links underlined.  I can find links in pages without the underline.


119.1 should fix that.



Making moves

Having the same issue with this update, the background of my dark theme is white all of sudden.

Making moves

Agreed, the arrogance of this action regarding link underline is beyond belief

Making moves

Yes please give the option to remove the blasted 'underline links' option. From the earliest days of the internet I always hated 'underline links.' For the sake of humanity...

Making moves

My bookmarks have gone weid after update to 119.0 on Mac, click on bookmark folder in the side bar and it goes clear, can still click on folder, just can't see it.

Making moves

FYI, my report was closed as 'won't fix'. So I've had to work around it via userContent.css. A bit a of a nuisance to do this for something that was previously a feature, but c'est la vie.

Making moves

Please note, this extension can not be a panacea. For example, underlines remain visible in parts of GitHub.

The Firefox preference that's now required is an opposite to bug …

Testing far so good

> For example, underlines remain visible in parts of GitHub.

Underlines also persist here in Mozilla Connect 😞

Making moves

Wow! Just updated to 119.0.1.  I guess the minor update of 0.1 does not involve fixing the underlined links.


Hopefully 119.1 will fix it.