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Not jumping to new messages when opening a folder (neither to last position) but instead to top

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Hi there, I had just received an update to the glorious new interface with Thunderbird 115.3.1 (called Supernova I think)

I noticed something that no longer works as expected: After starting Thunderbird and checking for new mail, if I open a mail folder that contains new mails, Thunderbird used to jump to the first newly arrived mail (those marked in the subject line). Now it always opens the mail list at the top, with the oldest mail so I have to scroll to the bottom.

Can I change this somehow? Either jump to newly arrived mails, or bottom, or remember position?


Making moves


I had a similar issue,

What has seemed to work for me is Going to Settings> General> Scrolling

I unticked both use autoscrollling and use smooth scrolling, and then ticked them again.

Then I restarted thunderbird.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: On further testing, this does not fix the issue, it does however work when switching folders to and form an inbox with a new message.

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Same problem here, seems random as to whether it goes to the latest/last position or not. Using POP email access, but now looking at ways of reverting to an older version as beyond this bug, the new UI is horrible to use and far less intuitive.


Same problem here.  I have 2 different email accounts managed by Thunderbird.  If I switch from the primary to one of the alternates, when I go back to the primary the incoming messages window is positioned at a random place.  Not real fond of the new UI, either, so maybe I'll revert as well.

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I may have found out what is causing the problem. Most of my folders are sorted by date with newest at the bottom, like shown in the picture and with those folders it's fine, Thunderbird does jump to most recent mails.


But some folders I have sorted by the Starred column. They were sorted by date before as all others and then sorted by Starred, so the final sorting result still is newest at the bottom, but all starred mails are at the very bottom. And with these folders, the new Thunderbird will always jump to the top instead of to the bottom or to the new mails.

All my folders are sorted only by date.  And when switching between folders (like between 'sent' and 'inbox') the newest are definitely at the bottom.  However, the highlighted message and scroll position in the newly-selected folder is always someplace random within the last 50 or so messages.

Correction - the most recent message is highlighted, but the scroll position of the window with the message headers is in a random position instead of at the bottom.

No, in my case they are sorted by date and still broken.

Most obvious is the unified folder that still goes to near start even when effort made to have all inboxes at end. Really, this is crap QA - did nobody test these things before foisting this upon us?

But even if you have sorted by something like "starred" that has little uniqueness in it, the code should always sort by date afterwards so groups of a common sorted parameter have some sane order and not just random based on how the qsort() or whatever did as it shuffled the indexes.

OK it seems that if you sort newest=top on the unified folder it more or less works, but not if sorted newest=bottom which is my usual way of doing things, and the way other folders are sorted.

But it sill begs the question WTF was the testing done on this before it was pushed out? Who only tests for thier own use-case and ignores other obvious and supported modes?

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I find the tone in this thread inappropriate. Yes okay, there are a few problems with the new UI, but I think it's great that many people and Mozilla are continuing to develop this software that is provided to us for free and open source.

Though I don't see major improvements in the new UI, it is more compact and modern. I suspect that there are more reasons than “new is better” for adoption and that we can expect more innovations in the future. Looking forward to this, and to getting this bug fixed in one of the the next releases…

Making moves

I have the same problem. I have several email accounts set up in Thunderbird, all sorted by date with the newest at the bottom. As I go from one inbox to another, the email list is displayed somewhere in the middle, forcing me to scroll down to the bottom every time to see the newest email. Very annoying!

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Came here to find out what the heck was going on.  I see I am not alone and that there has been no discovery of how to fix it.  Not a fan of the new UI, but that's small potatoes compared to this bug.


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In my case it's the other qay round: I prefer the newest messages to show on top. But even though a message at the very top is selected when I switch to another inbox (got several of these), the list is scrolled to bottom or close to. Maybe it's a hint to get my in-boxes clean every day?

What's annoying is that almost every release of TB brings some malfunction of this kind, UI related most of them. Unfortunately mail is such a central thing in daily work, I really would appreciate a tool that does not come in the way, while I struggle with what's in the box.