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Give us back the open option

Please give us back the ability to just open file the way it was before and was working perfectly fine. now when i choose to open a file it in fact saved it... my download folder is now full of files i don't want to keep and i have to delete hundred ...

SylouMan by Making moves
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Native mouse gestures on desktop

Please implement native mouse gestures in the desktop browser (I am personally on Windows) like in Opera. The current implementations from add-ons are very unreliable, finicky or don't work at all in some placed, e.g. in a New tab, Settings, while th...

wyvorn by Strollin' around
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Firefox would benefit from a guided privacy setup feature

I would like to suggest that a feature could be created to guide inexperienced users with the selection of privacy settings in Firefox.  It would explain the available settings in plain language and allow the user to make appropriate, informed select...

88 by New member
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Firefox Accounts login form

Please rebuild the Firefox Accoungs login form as a standard one, without splitting the fields for email and password into separate screens. Firefox on iPad OS 16 doesn't seem to identify the form us such and a password manager (Bitwarden) cannot fil...

Option to have sound icon for tab always visible

This used to be how it worked, but now you have to hover over the tab to make the icon visible, which defeats a big part of the point of the icon (identifying which tab is playing sound). For those who don't care about the site icon and would rather ...

Firefox for Android - about:config

Give about:config to Firefox for Android and let us customize it the same way we can customize the desktop browser. That... high level of customization was the only reason I started using Firefox back in 2006 and why I still prefer Firefox for the de...

rado84 by Making moves
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Do Not Track In Mobile

Firefox should make it become a independent function in mobile so you can enable it without enable Enhanced Tracking Protection

Add Custom List On Enhanced Tracking Protection

IE have a tracking protection list allow people to use custom list they add. Firefox can also do it on Enhanced Tracking Protection, allow to import list using easylist syntax.

More malware protection providers

Firefox is using safebrowsing for malware protection now.I think it can partner with more malware protection providers such as adguard or antivirus. This will allow people have more choice for their security.

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