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PDF Editing doesn't work

I received a new splash screen on my Firefox browser today telling me I could now edit PDFs.  They even had a 'Try it now' button linking me to a PDF that I could supposedly edit.  I clicked and the first problem was that it automatically opened the ...

Paul2 by Making moves
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Why does it look like this.

I have a problem with a .php page.In firefox it looks like the first attachment in Chrome like the second. It is de same code. But different look.

Changed Bookmark behavior in folder

I have a folder with many many bookmarks (100+).  When I scroll down to the area I want and select one and then return to the bookmark folder, my location in the folder has been lost and it starts back at the top.This is a recent and very unwanted ch...

Korval by Making moves
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Bookmark error after update to version 110.0

Hello, since yesterday's update, using the bookmark list has become almost impossible. If the list normally remains at the last position called up, it now always jumps back to the starting position. If you want to call up several bookmarks one after ...

Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before upd...

zdvaz by Making moves
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Here we go again! New version another memory eater!!!

I love Firefox and been around since Netscape.  Was just upgraded to 111.0.1 and memory is being totally eaten again.  I know this happens and the good people at Firefox say  "It ain't so." but after a couple of revisions it gets taken care of.  I wi...


I think its time to move on from Firefox as this browser has been ruined by multiple LEACHING OF MY RAM processes!! Ridicules that I have 1 tab opened right now and 19 firefox processes!!! WTH is with this crap and why have you now taken away the :ab...

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