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1.同步扩展程序的设置 2.同步设置中的删除cookie的例外网站 3.同步的时候是先把自己本地的改动推到服务器端然后在拉取服务端的 1. Sync extension settings 2. Exception sites for deleting cookies in sync settings 3. When synchronizing, first push your own local changes to the server and then pull the server
有没有可能出一个禁止读取我在浏览器中的访问记录的权限的 比如只允许杀毒软件读取之类的,因为一些软件确实可以通过网络嗅探到自己的浏览记录,而不是读取本地存储就可以实现 For example, only anti-virus software is allowed to read, because some software can indeed sniff their own browsing records through the network, instead of reading loc...
可以有个功能,能防止其他应用读取我在浏览器输入的键盘记录吗 就类似于keyscrambler之类的 Can there be a function that can prevent other applications from reading the keyloggers I type in the browser? It's similar to keyscrambler and the like
我觉得自动把一些无用的功能关闭,或者优化下内核,然后提高网页的打开速度,以及我打开30个标签页视频时的流畅度。如果这个做到的话,那么也没必要用谷歌了。还有可以支持下翻译插件,不需要重开标签页翻页整页那种,也不会出现图片里的文字翻译不了的问题 I think that some useless functions are automatically turned off, or the kernel is optimized, and then the opening speed of the w...