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I could be alone here...I know you can fanangle a user.js file to flip a heap of about:config settings, but I would like to be able to use the registry too. This is because it can be difficult to automate settings, eg finding the FF profile and check...
Something I noticed in Edge - on its addons site, you can click "Get" on multiple addons quickly. It's even aware of addons you've already installed! Compare this with Firefox, where you have to drill deeper into each page to install it (or open eac...
A useful option I've seen in Edge. It allows you to filter out the data URLs which make it easier to read network requests. Could come in handy for Firefox too  
Not sure exactly what these streams are called, but they're common on network cameras, raspberry pis etc. They're a "video" which is actually a series of JPEGs that update every X seconds etc.Anyways, it would be handy to be able to pop it out, using...
I use private windows for a lot of "throwaway" browsing like ebay rabbitholes and stuff that I don't want cluttering up my history. Unfortunately I've hit Ctrl+Shift+W by accident a few too many times which instantly closes the entire window, without...