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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Dear Devs,
Make Firefox menus fonts, temp sizeable. Without users messing around in the O/S. It should be a quick and simple operation.
as per browser content zoom.. if we need to zoom content (temporarily) there's a possilbility, that
we also need to zoom the content delivery tool it self.

When the CTRL + (scroll/num/pinch) to zoom in on CONTENT is done, that's great. works a treat.

BUT, how about giving a keyboard shortcut/realtime option for resizing fonts in menus etc in FIREFOX herself/himself.

Yes i know O/S controls such things as FORM menu/context bars and the kin. But Firefox is an application.
Applications control how THEY are presented.

What's the use of being to zoom in on content (text/image etc) on a website, which is semi-temporary, if we can't use the same zoom ability (diff shortcut from content zoom,(semi-temporary)) on the fonts and display in Firefox ???

The way browser zoom works, but only for the stuff it delivers, not itself, make no sense. !!

but am autistic, i probably see things to be much more complicated than they need to be... why have zooming, but only for some bits??

eg: "here's the middle 3rd of half of an image of 2 pixels from Apollo 11 descent dust kick up.. and here's loads of Mars 2x2 px. You can zoom on that if you like. What, you want to be able to resize the browser font?? Are you crazy?!"

there's probably a reason i don't know about. but that reason is fricking annoying, because it can be fixed.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves

It's IMPOSSIBLE to stay with a 'Zoom' choosen not fixed !!  

Please  DO what is necessary to FIX the zoom parameter all others !!

New member

The UI / browser font is literally like .000000000001 when I try to run Firefox on Mac Studio with M1 chip.   I have this page zoomed in to like 200% and it is barely "normal" viewing.  How hard is it to have a setting to increase browser bar font size.  LoL.