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I know Firefox is a company And like all companies they need funds to keep on developing and thriving so they can grow probably in the market I'm suggesting adding a store for apps and extensions because I think some of the extensions are wonderful, and they are worthy of buying, so the developers can keep on working on them and upgrading the features and keep up with the new Firefox updates some add-ons in Firefox or discontinued I've been using Firefox for more than 15 years So far all the add-ons are free in Firefox so why a sane man suggests buying them, well as the years go by extensions are lost and developers are deciding to discontinue upgrading them or supporting them a great example of this is this extension "Enhancer For YouTube" Which I'd be happily to pay for it some extensions Can be sold from five to $20 and people would really pay for them, I remember an extension from back in the day that I would pay a $20 for with a smile on my face which it was called "FEBE" And I don't fully recall what it used to do I just remembered one feature in it.

- I have added a picture of my old arms that I had some of them are gone some of them are still with us today, and I also added a photo of my new extensions that I highly recommend I'm actually surprised that some of them are not available natively in Firefox some of them are really simple but the benefits they offer are huge just like this simple extension called "In Zoom"

Notes :-

* These are not all the extensions I use.

* I couldn't add a second photo because the website doesn't allow it.

* The feature that I remembered was you can save any image by swiping on it when you hold the right button in the mouse, This is a simple feature in the "FEBE" add-on, and it is one of many When I found the old photo that I have shared, and I saw that add-on I smiled.


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