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New member
Status: New idea

I do fully appreciate why we cannot look at the browser history log - the pages that the Browser Back button goes to ... all sorts of security issues!

But it would be really helpful if we could at least view the ones that point to the current url domain.   mostly history.go(-1)  works just fine... but not always!



Familiar face

Just curious, how does this log differ from the list that appears if you click the back button and hold the mouse button down?

Mine for this morning I offer as an example of what I am talking about


The full browsing history is also shown in the history window (Ctrl+Shift+H),  or am I missing some important context here.


New member

yes you can see it as a human holding the Browser Back button down

but for privacy reasons you cannot acces it using js script ...if you could they any website could look at it to see what else you've been looking at