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Status: New idea

When a tab get accidentally closed, Undo should bring it back...similar to how Safari does that. It so convenient, because you usually know right away that it has happened and its a bit of a pain to hunt for History/recently closed tabs/<select tab>

Even though I switched to Firefox a  while back, this is one of those things, when it happens, always makes me think of my previous browser.


As a Windows person, it's interesting to hear how different Safari is from other browsers.

I'm going to mention a couple other options for reopening a closed tab:

If there were other tabs in the window (the window didn't close):

  • right-click any tab > Reopen closed tab
  • Command+Shift+T (on Windows/Linux, Ctrl+Shift+T)

If the entire window closed:

  • Command+Shift+N (on Windows/Linux, Ctrl+Shift+N)


New member

It would be really nice if Firefox would allow "undo" to work after mistakenly closing a tab. Its frustrating to accidently close a tab, then have to navigate to history, and select "open last closed tab."

Im not a fan of Safari, but it allows undo to return closed tabs with a simple cmd-Z, or ctrl-z on a PC, which is smart and intuitive - yeah, you want to  undo your mistake as quick as possible...not have to navigate with 6 clicks to get it redisplayed. you want to undo the error "now."

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Making moves

I like this idea, but the hotkey should be different because if the focus is on a place that generic undo should be used, it's a conflict.

A nice hotkey could be ALT+Z instead of CTRL+Z