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New member
Status: In development

The Firefox browser in iOS has come a long way, and is an almost perfect browser, keeping the limitations of iOS in mind. But, it does lack this one thing, Web Forms autofill. We can’t Auto-fill Credit/ Debit Card Details in Web Forms, and we can’t autofill addresses. 
Hope to see this feature soon. 

New member

I moved to Vivaldi. It just got released on iOS and yet it have all the things firefox is missing. Autofill, Built in adblocker etc.

Making moves

Thank you for adding credit card and address autofill (at least on my desktop, and I had to lie about my location for it work …)

However the browser is still missing a general perpose form autofill function that works on fields like « name », « surname », « email », etc

this is such a waste of time, and other browser like chrome offer it