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Making moves
Status: Exploring more

Can we have the opportunity to add a wallpaper in the new tab view? Like chrome or edge, that you can upload a picture and use it as a background in the new tab.

Making moves

I'd also like to add that perhaps there should be rotating wallpapers similar to Edge's "Image of the Day" it gets from Bing.

Maybe there could even be sponsored backgrounds similar to Brave's new tab backgrounds, where companies can advertise themselves as long as the image itself is pretty to look at and it isn't super obnoxious. If there are sponsored and non sponsored rotating backgrounds, allow people to customise the proportion of sponsored and non sponsored backgrounds. This can complement the existing default search + sponsored shortcuts and help offset the cost of development slightly more.

Both should be turned on by default (again, having nice looking backgrounds that don't drive people to immediately turn it off is key) for new installs.

Strollin' around

At present, we only have the choice of Firefox Home or Blank Page for new tabs.  I think Custom URL should be added (giving it the same options as homepage and new windows).

You could then use a file:///C:/Users/... URL to specify an image file as your wallpaper.

Making moves

This feature can added to Firefox Color and made more useful.

Making moves

Nice idea,  it definitely looks striking in Edge. I also like that it gives the option to show just the image,  or image with extra links (top sites etc)

Currently I use this add on which replaces new tab with a photo.

New member

New tab on Firefox could only change background colour and show quick links. However, the new tab on Chrome and Microsoft Edge can customize the background picture. I can put my favorite photos under the search bar. It is just like the wallpaper of my PC, but it is for my best browser Firefox.

Making moves

There's already an extension that does this type of thing:

It takes photos from Unspash, but you can change the source and the duration of photos, you can also add widget, url bar, weather and so on.

However a firefox prebuilt wallpaper function could be useful, even if i don't feel to need it right now.

Strollin' around

Add wallpapers on home page.add wallpapers on the home page and have the feature to add.



Making moves

When tapping on FF logo on home screen on android, the background color changes nicely. Can we get a similar feature on PC?

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Community Manager

Hey all,

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Making moves

I thought about it all the time…