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Making moves
Status: New idea

This would allow users to use their own DNS to block trackers, ads and malware in Firefox, removing the need to have e.g. AdGuard installed.

Additionally, provide some public DNS resolvers that serve as ad blockers.

This would remove the need to add ad blocking add-ins to Firefox.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

I would also like to have custom DNS settings within Firefox for privacy reasons. There used to be a DNS over HTTPS option in Firefox 104 where Clo*dflare was available as a default option. This was later removed in a later upgrade. To an extent that option appears to be still available in some form. I previously experimented with setting Clo*dflare as the Firefox default whilst setting Qu*d9 as the PC default in the PC's - Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Connections - Network and Sharing Centre - Change adapter settings. I tried all sorts of other different combinations using Clo*dflare's and, Qu*d9's and, and others, (including VPN provider options). The following Firefox settings in About:Config may be of some help to the op, (and hopefully others):

network.trr.custom_uri set to qwerty.qwe

network.trr.mode set to 2

network.trr.uri set to ht tps://

(gap inserted to prevent auto-link. Remove gap for Firefox setting).

If network.trr.mode is set to 0 or 1 your ISP or VPN provider's choice of DNS will be used. With 2 both Clo*dflare and your ISP or VPN's DNS will be used. (This is useful if you have a VPN to override your ISP or Go*gle and want that DNS plus Clo*dflare). With 3 just Clo*dflare will be used. NB qwerty.qwe was a ficticious setting. If you didn't select Clo*dflare in the original settings you had to insert 'something' or it wouldn't activate.

Hopefully Firefox will re-introduce custom DNS settings and then expand the options.

Making moves

Following on from an earlier post, (that hasn't yet been authorised), the old custom DNS options still exist but they've been moved from the bottom of the 'General' section to the bottom of the 'Privacy and Security' section. Under DNS over HTTPS you have to choose 'Increased Protection' rather than Default Protection, Max Protection, or Off. Obviously it's taken me a long while to find it. lol.

...and while i'm on and posting i'd like to say that i'm not best pleased to find myself automatically signed in when I load this page from bookmarks. I have specifically signed out twice but when I loaded the page both times I found I was still signed in.

New member

Is a Dynamic DNS option a likely thing for mozilla ?


I'm sure many would find this a very useful service.