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I have some ideas and I hope they will help in the future. I wanted to know if a super optimized version of firefox is possible, for those who very often require a limited ram consumption, a system that loads images at low quality, or high quality etc., in order to save the loading speed (if this it is expected).

The second idea is to better customize your user experience. There are so many types of users, and many of the features are useful, others may never be used. Precisely the goal is to aim at saving data, pushing on optimizations. I also ask to be able to create something that allows you to activate or deactivate settings based on what type of user he is, not sacrificing much navigation quality. Consequently, based on the activation and deactivation of the settings, allow you to view some info on performance, if activating or deactivating it you can save or not ram or cpu and which features you lose and sacrifice. Basically it is something that many users are looking for, and to better customize a user experience, and optimizing the app I think is the right way to meet these needs, ignored by only making applications and in modern operating systems that are very heavy compared to 20 Years ago.

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Implementation of a benchmarking feature and a method to find the optimal settings should be considered.