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I run into issues in the Firefox browser occasionally that may be either due to the version of Firefox or the web application that I am interacting with. In order to troubleshoot the issue I often send feedback to the web application creator. Part of the information I send is the version of Firefox I am currently using.

When I go to the about Firefox panel to see what version I am currently running, Firefox does a check to see if I have the latest version. If I do not have the latest version, Firefox updates the browser to the latest version (which I appreciate) but it happens typically too fast for me to see what version I was on when the issue I experienced occurred.

In the Firefox "about" panel show the previous version number Firefox had installed, prior to updating to the latest version. That way I can report the version that the issue happened on accurately. Note, in some cases I can retry the web application with the new version to see if I still have an issue, then submit the latest version number. BUT, there are times, such as submitting a payment where I am unable to retry with the latest version and the tracked previous version would be of great value.


Hi @mann.  Thanks for the note.  I think you may be able to still see the version you are running before Firefox updates.

When you go to the About Firefox panel, you should see something like this:


Notice that I have an update available, but until I click the "Restart to Update Firefox" button (or do it manually by exiting Firefox) I can still see the version I am running right now:  111.0.1 in this case.

New member

Thanks for prompting me to look at the preferences of Firefox again. In preferences, I found that I have firefox set to automatically keep me up-to-date, this is why it updates too fast for me to see the previous version when initially entering the about panel.


But what I also now see is the "Show Update History" link. This link takes you to a list of previous versions installed and related dates.

That is quite nice! Kudos to the Firefox team.