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hello my name is vivek and i am from India and i use debian 12 kde version and there are only available firefox esr and this browser is fantastic very smooth and stable. love this browser but i see many time when i open firefox and see some pocket topics that topic is very userfull and interesting but i am weak in english and you know native language of mostly indian state prefer hind for easy understanding so i give you feedback if you also provide in hindi language then there are so many users prefer firefox in india, because in these days india grow in IT field and you have also a opportunity to promote your browser in indian market if you work in many indian language then its more good but if you at least work in hindi language. you should tie up to many news portal or dailyhunt and inshorts company then its good. you should at least try or you give feedback to pocket for they provide in hindi language too. thank you sir for read my feedback hope you can consider my concertn dhanyabad

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