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I am a bit confused because I did not find any idea-tickets even if it seems to me to be something basic. I searched several times also a lot in thunderbird itself (maybe I misunderstand something), but without success. So please apologize and tell me if I did not use the functionality (I only found deep: menu > view > layout > Folder Pane but no button on the UI like show/hide today Pan)

User story:

I, as a thunderbird user, wish I could have a Hamburger or any other switch button to show/hide the folder pane (or below like the show/hide 'today Pane'), so that I can share one display horizontally between several apps and access the information easily.

Versions and other useful infos:

ubuntu 20.04 LTS (gnome)

thunderbird 91.13. I know 102 is out, but changing would be something unconfortable (from apt to snap/flatpak with isolation, etc...) and the current version does the job. I would switch only for something I need (like the current story). If the functionality is already in 102 (from several screenshot, I could not notice it) please tell me and I will give me the pain to do the jump.


On Gnome, there is the widely used concept of desktop: (highly summarized description: we can group application per desktop and switch between desktops).

One of my desktop is the communition Desktop with signal, whatsdesk (whatsapp), telegram, thunderbird, current twitch chat, ... To get all information, visible, I separate horizontaly, with the result, that every app do not have a lot of space widely. Because of that the navigation elements (likely folders, discussions, ...) must either auto hide or easily hideable with a button. I am no fan of auto-hide (but would use it as workaround) which is the reason of this IDEA-Ticket

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